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The use of injectable skin filler (dermal filler) has drastically altered the options available to individuals who wish to treat the effects of age, gravity and time on their face with minimal side effects. Dermal fillers can contour, highlight and rejuvenate facial shapes and accentuate features.

For individuals that do not wish to have surgical procedures, injectable skin filler may offer significant results using minimally invasive techniques.

At Aura Aesthetics & Plastics, we are highly trained specialists who use dermal filler treatment to add volume or restore lost volume such as:

Lip Filler: Filler is used to add definition, shape, and volume to the lips to achieve a natural full appearance that is youthful and appealing.

Chin Filler: Used to define the facial structure and enhance the side profile to a flattering and appealing shape that accounts for the proportions of the face.

Cheek Filler: Used to achieve a high cheekbone shape that can appear to slim the face and create a stronger facial structure.

Jawline Filler: Much like cheek filler, jaw filler shapes the face to define the structure and slim the appearance of the lower portion of the face. Whether you desire the classic super model bone structure or a more minimal natural look, filler can help achieve the look of your desired sculpted facial shape.

Tear Trough: Filler can help eradicate dark circles under the eyes or fill hollow areas under the eyes.

Liquid Rhinoplasty:  Filler is used to shape or help transform an undesirable nose shape to a more desired shape. Otherwise known as a non-surgical nose job.

Hands, neck, ear and even earlobes can be treated with dermal filler. 

At the consultation appointment, the practitioner will establish an individualized treatment plan that is best suited for your specific needs and skin conditions.


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